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2017 NSSA/NSCA All Around Club of the Year
2017 Texas Club of the Year by TSCA Membership
2014 NSSA/NSCA All around club of the year
2012 Texas Club of the Year by TSCA Membership
2003 NSSA/NSCA All around club of the year
2001 NSSA President’s Award
2000 NSSA President’s Award
1999 NSSA Club of the Year


Welcome To The 2019 Buckle Race Series

Buckle Tracker:


The Buckle Race is running strong with more participation each year. It has become a great
place for new shooters and also it gives people a reason to practice!
The Buckle Race Series brings Skeet and Sporting Clays together into a series of six
separate events spread throughout the year. At each Buckle event you can choose to shoot
Skeet only, Sporting Clays only or both.
Please see the brochure for program details.

Benefits Available at Legacy Ford Dealership for GHSC Members and Buckle Race Participants:

Select F-150 or F-250: $10,000 Off MSRP
Any Pre-Owned Certified Car or Truck: $500.00 Discount on
Aftermarket Accessories: 40% Off
Parts list: 20% Off
Oil and Filter Change: $39.95 up to 5qts.
Balance & Rotate: $34.95.
Alignments: $69.95.
Air Conditioning Services: $39.95 (pressure test & leak test)
24hr Purchase Exchange program
Priority scheduling in our Body shop
24hr Free courtesy Car

Available at 2 Quick Lane Locations

Tire Rotation: $19.95 (Dually extra)
Oils/Filter Change and Tire Rotation. $39.95 (Gas)
Courtesy Car wash with all service.




January 19

Buckle Race Series Leg #1 / 12ga.

February 9

Buckle Race Series Leg #2 / 20ga.

May 24-27

Briley Blue Goose

June 2

Buckle Race Series Leg #3 / 28ga.

July 20

Buckle Race Series Leg #4 / 12ga. Doubles

August 30th - September 1st

Best of Texas

November 9

Buckle Race Series Leg #5 / 20ga.

December 7

Buckle Race Series FINALS / 12ga.

New Buckle Race Skeet squadding preference criteria.

When squadding full shoots it’s important to promote fairness to all. So moving forward we will implement the following criteria when registering for the Buckle Race Skeet events.
1. Priority is given to shooters participating in BOTH 100 target skeet events over shooters only participating on one skeet event. Meaning it is possible for a shooter to get bumped if they are not shooting both skeet events.
2. Squadding will be first come first served.
3. When signing up through please list the shooters you would like to squad with and select the time you would prefer to shoot.
4. If you would like me to sign you up I’m happy to do so. Please send me an email with your squad members and the preferred rotation selection. It becomes difficult keeping up with verbal requests.

The best way to secure your preferred squad mates and rotation times is to formulate a 5 person squad and sign up at the same time a few weeks ahead of the event.