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2017 NSSA/NSCA All Around Club of the Year
2017 Texas Club of the Year by TSCA Membership
2014 NSSA/NSCA All around club of the year
2012 Texas Club of the Year by TSCA Membership
2003 NSSA/NSCA All around club of the year
2001 NSSA President’s Award
2000 NSSA President’s Award
1999 NSSA Club of the Year


Shooting Venues

Sporting Clays

In Sporting Clays shooters travel around a wooded area and stop a several different stations. A “Sporting Clays Course” is made up of 10-15 shooting stations. At each station shooters are challenged with targets from every angle, speed and distance. It is up to the target setter to decide the direction of the birds. A shooter that shoots an entire course would have shot 100 targets.

GHSC has 2 spectacular sporting course. Raised and paved trials keep shooters dry while keeping the dust down. Each one of GHSCs courses has 12 stations with target presentations being changed every two weeks. Each station has three different machines to offer many combinations of pairs to accommodate all skill levels.

Our South course is set up as the softer course. 2 machines at each station on the South Course will be soft and the third machine will be a moderate target. This course is good for beginners and seasoned shooters to practice.

Our North course is set up as the much more difficult course. 2 machines at each station on the North Course will be difficult and the third machine will be a moderate target. This course is perfect for the seasoned to national level shooters and people who want to test their skill level. The North Course is also home to GHSC’s signature 120’ tower.


The Traditional American clay target game. In Skeet targets are launched from houses on opposite sides of the field at set height and speed to cross at the field’s mid-point. Shooters attempt to shoot the targets from 8 designated positions marked on the field. After a shooter completes a “round” they would have shot a total of twenty five targets.

The Greater Houston Gun Club has 10 Fields, all outfitted with the latest equipment to maximize your shooting experience. Two our fields are lighted for tournaments or events that run into the evening.


5-stand is a challenging mixture of target presentations. Like Sporting Clays the targets can come from any direction, distance or speed. Shooters attempt targets from five different cages with a set menu at each cage. 5-stand is great for getting quick quality practice. Presentations are changed every two weeks.


Targets are all shots going away from you varying from hard left and right angles, quarter angles and straightaway presentations. Shooters rotate through stations one through five during a round of twenty five targets. In addition, each station has incremental graduations from sixteen yards to twenty seven yards to constantly challenge the competitive shooter.


Similar to 5-stand FITASC is shot in a twenty five target format. Shooters will shoot a menu of targets from three different locations called PEGs. One difference in FITASC is that you must shoot this game low gun. Meaning you cannot have the gun on your shoulder when the target is called for.

Traditionaly the targets are more difficult in FITASC then in 5-stand and Sporting clays. And presentations are changed every two weeks.