2017 NSSA/NSCA All Around Club of the Year
2017 Texas Club of the Year by TSCA Membership
2014 NSSA/NSCA All around club of the year
2012 Texas Club of the Year by TSCA Membership
2003 NSSA/NSCA All around club of the year
2001 NSSA President’s Award
2000 NSSA President’s Award
1999 NSSA Club of the Year


RJ Mehnert, NSCA Level I Certified Instructor

Phone: 713-614-1205

Whether you want to participate at a charity/fundraiser shoot, improve your bird hunting skills, strive to be a more competitive shooter, or just shoot for fun with friends, south central shooting academy is for you.

RJ started shooting in 2002 and has been a member of Greater Houston Sports Club since 2005. RJ has competed in American skeet in and sporting clays, is a lifetime member of the NSCA, and a NSCA level one shooting instructor. His focus has been on sporting clays for the past 10 years and is a master class shooter. He has won various state and regional competitions and is a sub-gauge all American and veteran 12 gauge all American. RJ has trained with the some of the best sporting clay professionals in the industry. And as an instructor, he is focused on assisting beginning and intermediate shooters teaching the fundamentals and mechanics of clay target shooting. Ages have ranged from 10 and up. There are many different methods, techniques and approaches to shooting sporting clays. His goal is to work with your strengths and improve your weaknesses and help you determine which shooting method(s) are best for you.

For information in private lessons:
Phone/Text: 713-614-1205
Or email:

1 person @ $100.00 / 1 hr.
2 people @ $250.00 / 2 hrs.

2021 Accolades
Sub-Gauge all-American 20, 28, .410
Texas State .410 HOA
Texas State FITASC 20 Gauge 3rd Place
Browning Briley Sub-Gauge HOA 3rd Place
Browning Briley .410 3rd Place

2020 Accolades
South Central Regional .410 HOA
South East Regional .410 RU
South East Regional 20 Gauge FITASC RU